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Water fountains can add an elegant and captivating element to events, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience for attendees. The Fountains from 7theaven can go up till 15 meter.

Here are some aspects to consider when incorporating water fountains into events:

  1. Types of Water Fountains:
    • Dancing Fountains: These fountains are choreographed to move and dance in sync with music, creating a dynamic and entertaining display.
    • Static Fountains: These fountains may have a more fixed or controlled water movement, providing a tranquil and decorative ambiance.
    • Interactive Fountains: Fountains that allow attendees to interact with the water, such as walking through water jets or controlling the fountain’s features.
  2. Lighting Effects:
    • Consider fountains with integrated lighting, including RGB or DMX technology. This allows for customization of colors and synchronization with event themes or music.
  3. Synchronization with Music:
    • For a more engaging experience, choose water fountains that can synchronize their movements with music. This is particularly effective for events like concerts, weddings, or light shows.
  4. Location and Setup:
    • Determine the appropriate location for the water fountain based on the event venue and its layout. Consider factors such as accessibility, visibility, and safety.
  5. Event Themes:
    • Tailor the design and features of the water fountain to match the overall theme of the event. This could include using specific colors, patterns, or shapes.