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We create magic at events.

The Circle Group supports all visual aspects of public and corporate events. From audiovisual support and furniture rental to drone shows and special effects. 

Looking for a touch of magic at your event? We are happy to help.

Our services

Our experienced team of sound technicians and audiovisual experts ensures that your sound system and screens are perfectly tailored to the location and the audience.

Special effects & decoration

Spectacular shows, impressive laser light effects, immersive smoke and fog displays, captivating holographic projections, and much more.

Designer furniture rental

Whether you are organizing an elegant gala dinner, planning a trendy corporate party, or want to create a fashionable lounge area, our range of designer furniture offers the perfect solution for every type of event.

Drone shows

From spellbinding light displays to intricate formations and customized messages, our drone shows create unforgettable moments for any occasion, be it corporate events, weddings, concerts, or grand celebrations.

Pyrotechnics shop

With a wide array of vibrant and high-quality fireworks, we guarantee to light up your special occasions, from weddings to birthdays, from festivals to corporate events.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a vast array of solutions to take events to the next level, both technically and visually.

Ofcourse, we're proud of our projects.

Looking for refreshing ideas or concrete examples? Discover our favorite projects from the past years. 

“When organizing a live event, it doesn’t matter how many people are in the audience. Delivering a seamless and nearly perfect performance is important – there are no second chances. It’s that adrenaline rush of delivering on the big day that gives our employees the most satisfaction.”

Unveiling Excellence:
Harnessing innovation for unforgettable experiences

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the technological curve. Our inventory boasts the latest in audio and visual equipment, ensuring your event is equipped with top-tier solutions for pristine sound and stunning visuals.

Professional Technicians

Our experienced technicians are not just experts in the equipment but are also highly skilled in troubleshooting and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and execute your vision flawlessly.

Custom Solutions

Every event is unique, and so are our solutions. We work with you to tailor our audiovisual support to your specific needs, whether it's setting up an immersive projection system for a product launch or providing crystal-clear sound for a keynote speaker.

Seamless Integration

Our team seamlessly integrates audio and visual elements to create a harmonious and engaging atmosphere. From high-definition displays to dynamic lighting, we ensure all components work together to captivate your audience.


Discover new projects,
technologies and more.


Matrix droneshows is very proud to announce that we are the first Belgian drone show company that has an operating permit in the category ” specific “. Our drones meet the
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a unique spectacle for a private event

Matrix Drone Shows partnered with GSP2 to create a unique spectacle for a private event in Belgium. The event featured a combination of a drone light show and LED mapping
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