Openings show with day fireworks for AFAS Software

Vurige Vijvers Genk

7theaven provided Fountain flames for the “Vurige Vijvers” in Genk

We set fire to the lake with 6 of our Fountain flames displayed at the animated trail and made the Vurige Vijvers (firery lakes) true to its name.

Art Of Confusion returns to the Fanzone at the 2023 F1 Belgian Grand Prix

Ayrton Perseo Profile and Superstorm: A Dazzling Lighting Duo

The 2023 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix witnessed the return of Art Of Confusion to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, bringing with them an arsenal of cutting-edge lighting technology to redefine the Fanzone Stage experience. Stealing the spotlight were the Ayrton Perseo Profile and the Superstorm 700 Watt IP65 LED Color Strobe Bar, a dynamic lighting duo that left spectators in awe.

The Ayrton Perseo Profile, celebrated for its precision and adaptability, took center stage to craft intricate lighting designs that perfectly matched the energy of the Formula 1 race. Its versatility allowed for seamless transitions between vibrant colors and dynamic patterns, creating a visual narrative that complemented the high-octane atmosphere of the event. Notably, the Perseo’s outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI) values made it the ideal choice for lighting the drivers during Formula 1 interviews. The exceptional color accuracy ensured that broadcast cameras captured every detail, providing a visually stunning backdrop for the candid moments with the drivers.

Superstorm 700 Watt IP65 LED Color Strobe Bar: A Blinding Innovation

Making its European debut, the Superstorm 700 Watt IP65 LED Color Strobe Bar added an extra layer of excitement to the Fanzone Stage. Boasting 144 5W cold white LEDs and 242 2W RGBW LEDs, this ultra-bright LED strip blinder delivered a stunning visual experience, capturing the essence of speed and intensity associated with Formula 1. Its powerful output and creative strobe effects made the Superstorm 700 a focal point, illuminating the stage with brilliance and contributing to the immersive ambiance.

Martin Audio Compact Series Line Array and WS218X Subs: Crystal Clear Audio

As the Ayrton Perseo Profile and Superstorm 700 painted the Fanzone Stage with light, the auditory experience was elevated by the integration of 16 cabinets of Martin Audio Compact Series Line Array and 12 Martin Audio WS218X subwoofers. Powered by state-of-the-art Powersoft K10 Digital amplifiers, this sound system delivered impeccable clarity and precision. The synergy between the Ayrton Perseo Profile, Superstorm 700, and the Martin Audio components created a symphony of light and sound, resonating with the audience and adding depth to the overall sensory experience.

Large LED Screens and Blackmagic Design 4K Production Studio: Visual Mastery

Complementing the luminous display, three large LED screens strategically positioned for maximum impact showcased real-time race footage, vibrant animations, and dynamic content. Seamlessly integrated with the Blackmagic Design 4K Production Studio, the screens allowed for the flawless switching between video feeds, creating a visual spectacle that kept the audience engaged. The combination of these elements ensured that spectators could seamlessly transition between the thrilling race action and captivating on-stage performances.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Fusion of Light and Sound

Art of Confusion’s triumphant return to the F1 Belgian Grand Prix in 2023 showcased their prowess in seamlessly integrating lighting and audio technologies. The Ayrton Perseo Profile, serving as both a dynamic lighting element and a crucial frontlight for broadcast interviews, illuminated the Fanzone with brilliance. Paired with the sonic precision of Martin Audio, the Fanzone Stage became a symphony of light and sound, creating an unforgettable experience for Formula 1 enthusiasts. As the engines roared on the track, the Fanzone Stage roared to life, proving that Art Of Confusion continues to push the boundaries of event production.

The F1 team

Premiere: Zillion The Movie, Ignites Antwerp’s Waagnatie

Antwerp’s iconic Waagnatie recently played host to a cinematic spectacle that left attendees in awe and set the city ablaze with excitement. The premiere of “Zillion: The Movie” marked a momentous occasion, bringing together film enthusiasts, partygoers, and the spirit of the legendary Zillion nightclub. What made this event even more unforgettable was the collaboration with 7theaven, who provided flame torches that lit up the night sky and set the tone for an unforgettable celebration.

The Waagnatie, with its historic charm and industrial architecture, provided the perfect backdrop for the much-anticipated premiere. As attendees eagerly filed into the venue, they were greeted by the electrifying energy that Zillion has long been synonymous with. The air was thick with anticipation as the doors opened, revealing a meticulously curated space that seamlessly blended the essence of the iconic nightclub with the magic of cinema.

The screening of “Zillion: The Movie” took attendees on a nostalgic journey through the heyday of the Zillion era. The film not only captured the vibrant nightlife that defined the iconic nightclub but also paid homage to its cultural impact. From the pulsating beats of the music to the dazzling light shows, the movie encapsulated the spirit of Zillion, immersing the audience in a sensory experience that transcended the screen.

Post-premiere, the celebration kicked into high gear with the help of 7theaven’s flame torches. These mesmerizing pyrotechnic displays illuminated the night, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Zillion’s legendary parties. The flames danced in harmony with the music, casting an enchanting glow over the Waagnatie and adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

However, the collaboration between Zillion and 7theaven didn’t stop at the premiere. In a seamless transition from the cinematic world to the realm of live events, 7theaven took charge of full event production for the entire week. This included transforming the Waagnatie into a dynamic space that hosted a series of unforgettable events, keeping the Zillion spirit alive and well.

From immersive light installations to cutting-edge sound systems, 7theaven’s event production expertise ensured that each gathering was a sensory masterpiece. The Waagnatie, already steeped in history, became a canvas for creativity, with every detail meticulously designed to transport attendees into the world of Zillion.

As the week unfolded, the collaboration between Zillion and 7theaven became a testament to the power of merging cinematic storytelling with live event production. Attendees didn’t merely witness the magic; they became part of it, contributing to a collective experience that transcended the boundaries of traditional premieres and parties.

In conclusion, the Zillion premiere at the Waagnatie in Antwerp was more than just a movie debut; it was a celebration of a cultural phenomenon that defined an era. With the added flair of 7theaven’s flame torches and their comprehensive event production, the festivities extended beyond the screen, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience that paid homage to the legacy of Zillion and set a new standard for premieres in the city.

Illuminating the Path to HAP Food Festival

Art Of Confusion strategically placed vibrant lights on the trees, turning the walkway into a visual spectacle. The interplay of light and shadow not only created a captivating atmosphere but also heightened the excitement for the culinary delights that awaited at the castle.

Art of Confusion: Crafting the Spectacular Fanzone Stage for the F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2022

In the world of motorsports, the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix at the iconic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is not only a thrilling race but also an event that captivates fans with its immersive experiences. The 2022 edition saw the introduction of a mesmerizing Fanzone Stage, curated with precision and innovation by the Art of Confusion team. This extraordinary setup featured cutting-edge technology, including the new Ayrton Cobra spots, Pk Sound robotic line array, and a trio of large LED screens. To add an extra layer of excitement, the stage was equipped with special effects such as confetti, Co2 jets, and the all-new outdoor Sparkular 2.

Ayrton Cobra Spots: Illuminating the Spectacle

The Ayrton Cobra spots played a pivotal role in transforming the Fanzone Stage into a visual masterpiece. Known for their powerful laser source and versatility, the Cobra spots provided dynamic lighting effects, creating an immersive atmosphere that complemented the high-energy ambiance of the F1 event. With precision control and a wide range of colors and patterns, the Ayrton Cobra spots brought the stage to life, enhancing the overall spectator experience.

Pk Sound Robotic Line Array: Sonic Precision

No stage is complete without crystal-clear audio, and the Art of Confusion team ensured an auditory feast for the F1 Belgian Grand Prix attendees with the Pk Sound robotic line array. Renowned for its precision and adaptability, the robotic line array delivered an unparalleled sound experience. The dynamic range and clarity of the audio system heightened the excitement, allowing fans to feel the roar of the engines and the pulse of the music in perfect harmony.

LED Screens: Triple the Visual Impact

In a world driven by visuals, the Fanzone Stage featured three large LED screens strategically positioned to provide an unobstructed view to the audience. These state-of-the-art screens, seamlessly integrated with the Blackmagic Design 4K Production Studio video switcher, displayed real-time race footage, vibrant animations, and engaging content. The video switcher, known for its precision and reliability, allowed the Art of Confusion team to effortlessly switch between race feeds and local DJ performances on the stage, ensuring a dynamic and engaging visual experience for every spectator, regardless of their vantage point.

The ability to seamlessly transition between the high-octane action on the track and the energetic performances of local DJs added a layer of versatility to the LED screen setup. This innovative approach not only kept the audience connected with the thrilling race but also allowed them to enjoy the beats and vibes of live music, creating a truly immersive and multifaceted experience.

The LED screens, in conjunction with the Blackmagic Design 4K Production Studio video switcher, became a dynamic canvas, providing a platform for both the heart-pounding excitement of Formula 1 racing and the pulsating rhythms of the local music scene. The integration of technology and entertainment on the Fanzone Stage underscored Art of Confusion’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of event production and delivering an unforgettable spectacle for F1 enthusiasts.

Special Effects Extravaganza

To elevate the Fanzone Stage to unprecedented heights of excitement, 7THEAVEN introduced a variety of special effects. Confetti showers added a celebratory touch during key moments of the event, creating a visual spectacle that resonated with the jubilant atmosphere. Co2 jets brought an element of surprise, releasing bursts of cold, dense fog that heightened the sensory experience. The outdoor Sparkular 2, a new addition to 7THEAVEN’s arsenal, contributed to the grandeur with mesmerizing sparks that danced across the stage, creating a dazzling visual display.

Conclusion: A Masterpiece in Motion

The Fanzone Stage at the F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2022, curated by Art of Confusion, stood as a testament to the artistry of event production. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, from the Ayrton Cobra spots and Pk Sound robotic line array to the LED screens and special effects, transformed the stage into a dynamic canvas of sights and sounds. As the engines roared on the track, the Fanzone Stage roared to life, captivating the audience and adding an unforgettable dimension to the overall F1 experience. Art of Confusion’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of event production once again left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports entertainment.

Atmosphere and Show with the Right Lighting

Lighting on an event is not only functional, it is essential for the atmosphere and show. Our colleague Tom  knows exactly how to make a lighting scheme with the right lighting for your events and he was very happy to share those ‘secrets’ in the studio. You can watch the English version of the interview below.

Interview link


Hi Tom, welcome to our studio. Today’s topic is lighting. Lighting makes of course that we can see each other but there are other reasons why lighting is so important for an event.  

The basic reason is to create a nice environment or a nice show or a nice event is light. We all need it every day in our car, at home, when it gets dark. We pull the switch and we have light. So we can’t see anything without light. So that’s of course always the basic.

Yes, but if you come in an event location and you put on the light what is there already then there is no atmosphere. And then you need to do your magic and add some light to create the atmosphere.  

Yes, because when you enter a venue most of the time it’s cold, white light. It’s very nice…

For the cleaning?  
For the cleaning, to build up, to see everything very well. But you also see all the mistakes of the venue. So the best thing for us is kill the lights and let us do our job. So then we can start making some nice scenes. It’s more like we can start painting with the light. And we can create atmospheres and all those things depends on the demands of the client, of course.

I heard you say ‘Hiding the mistakes’ So it actually means that you put light on the things you want to show?  

Of course.

And no light at the parts that need to stay in the background.  

Yes. And the more you put your accent to the things you want to show the less attention goes to the thing that you don’t want to see. So that’s where lights are very handy.

But if you want to create an atmosphere in that way then you need to plan up front, okay, this is the setting I have, this is what I want to achieve… How do you start with such a plan?  

It all starts with the idea of the client, of course. The client decides. Or it is thematic or we want to go in that atmosphere. First of all is it a dinner show, is it only a dinner, is it like an exposition or is it really show? Or is it a mix of all those elements? That’s also possible. This is the start. And then we see, okay we have this venue what’s possible over there, what technology do you want to use? Has it to be really bombastic or is it really dramatic? So everything starts with a conversation. And then you start designing.

I heard you mention a show, then I think it’s about show lights flashing things, moving lights, is it that kind of stuff then?  

Yes. This is one part of show, you can create a show with let’s say 100, 200 lights and of course it will be wow. If you flash the lights, everyone say, oh, 200 lights at a time. It’s amazing of course. And they can move, they can get every color whatever you want, it’s all… And the operator will make you a good show. But then again you can also create a show with very conventional lights. Let’s say for instance you have a stage, a blue background and only one light at one guy who is telling something. But then again, this is one guy and maybe the client’s show has 50, 60, 100 people dancing on stage. Of course you need-

There is a difference.  

There’s a difference and the lights will be different of course.

Do I understand correctly that even with a small budget, light can do tremendous things for your event?  

Your experience with, let’s put a number on it, with 10 lights, 10 convention lights with some color filters which can create a really nice atmosphere. You can’t create the same effect with 200 lights than with eight lights. A small venue doesn’t need 200 lights. And if there’s, for instance, one guy at the piano you don’t need 200 lights.

Just one targeted spot?  

But really target right color, right intensity, right background, it can be enough.

When we’re talking about a guy on stage, then it’s enough to put just a light on him if you want to keep it clean and simple? Or do you need-  

No, normally the basics are three points. So not frontal, just on the 60 degree and at the back?

And why at the back?  

Well, the reason for that is, if we look at the guy and we only put one spot in front of him he will be a little bit flat and the guy should be a little bit more 3D. So if it’s only one light your nose will create a shadow and that’s not nice. We want to see the guy as we see him normally in daylight. So this is the most important thing. You need the depth and you create a depth with more than one light of course.

Yes. And what is it about, when we are here in the studio I always hear the light technician talk about: when we do camera we need white light.  

Well, white light is the basic of everything. If you buy a light bulb, it’s white. Of course different temperatures of color, but it’s still white. We’re not talking about LED, but basically if it’s a discharging lamp or is it a tungsten, whatever, it’s always white. Warm, cold, whatever it is. And then you start putting on filters. You have the classic filters, but you have also the automatic filters in the moving lights. But the basic is still white. And when you’re outside and you look at someone, it’s the daylight so it’s white. If I put red on you, you will be red. But the camera will see that in another way. So it’s for the camera, it’s a little bit more different to capture the color which is projected on your face or on your clothes.

So you need a white light to get the image realistic?  

Yes, this is a perfect example.

Yes, but I can imagine if you have a great show with a lot of red lights you don’t want to put white light on it, because then all the effect is gone.

The effect for the background, the effect for all the obstacles they can be red. But if there’s one guy at stage or ten, or whatever you need to put white light on him because otherwise he will be as red as everything. So the camera will see a red object, but it will not see you as Kevin.

It will be a red version then?

Yes. That’s it.

Okay, and what about all the technologies? Because you have LED lights, you have the traditional lights you have so many different technologies, which one do I need to choose for my event?  

This is again planning, this is again what kind of venue, is it a large venue? What about the air conditioning? If you have, for instance, a large dinner show with 1000 people dining. Okay, those guys need warm light to eat. You can’t out a green light on them.

That wouldn’t be very tasteful.  

No. So we need warm, white light. We should take, or we can take the traditional warm tungsten light or the halogen light, but most of the time it is 1000 watt for each piece. So imagine the heat that’s coming from those lights?

In a large venue that’s okay, but in a small…  

…venue it can be a problem. Also the power consumption of those lights is really, really high. And today we have to think green.

Yes, and not every venue can handle such a power consumption.  

Exactly. And if the venue is a little bit less high than let’s say the larger venues we know we can start choosing or thinking about LED lights.

Because of the heat? Otherwise it will be too warm in the room?  

Yes. And in the beginning LED lights, they didn’t have the right colors. You always saw the red, the green and the blue. Because those were the three colors we have. Then they started using the white LED and also the amber. So now with the technology and the software behind those lights, we can create a lookalike of a tungsten lamp. We’re not really there yet, but it’s getting really close. So in a year, two, three, the difference will be very, very little.

If I understand correctly, it is not possible to take a light show and just copy it over for a different event?  

Not for different events. If it is a show on tour, of course we copy it because every city needs to see the same show.

But even then don’t you need to make adjustments based on the venue?  

All the time. Not every venue is the same, but at that time it’s show light, so it doesn’t matter that much. The concept will be the same. But for events of course it’s every day another thing.

And then you need an expert for making that possible?  

Yes, an expert who plans in front, who has a lot of experience. If you have a guy who has 20 years of experience he can easily say, more or less, we’re not going to do we’re going to use this kind of equipment, and the approach will be more like this.

Because he can anticipate on the actual effect the light will have?  

Yes, he knows what the light will do. And these days we don’t have the budget to rent the venue three or two more days extra.

To try and…?

To try. Let’s say 20 years ago it was possible, but then again we had less lights. Now we have too many possibilities, so you have to think up front before you start building.

And talk with the experts?  

Yes, the designer is a key element today.

Tom, thank you very much for your advice.  

You’re welcome.

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