7theaven now offers now the Showven Gasboom

Gasboom is the safest gas flamer ever on the market, with a series of safety features including 0.1s super sensitive flame monitoring, cascadable power cut-off E-stop connector, dual high voltage electron igniter, patented “SFT” technology, safety lock, dual magnetic valves, shut-off valve, ARM warning light etc. With 5 types of nozzles optional, 2/4 built-in gas cartridges positions, flame effect height from 2 to 8m ensure versatile applications for both indoor and outdoor events.

The gasboom could work wireless with built-in Battery & wireless DMX

Art Of Confusion pioneers with the Ayrton Perseo Profile

Art Of Confusion takes center stage, harnessing the remarkable capabilities of the Ayrton Perseo Profile. This powerful luminaire, purpose-built for intensive outdoor use with an IP65 enclosure rating, is at the heart of creating captivating and immersive lighting experiences.

Featuring a state-of-the-art 500 W ultra-compact monochromatic LED source calibrated at 8000 K, the Perseo Profile offers a brilliant output of 27,400 lumens, casting radiant metallic white light. Ayrton’s expertise shines through in the optics of the Perseo Profile, achieving a perfect balance between performance, and efficiency. The result is an optical system that delivers pristine image reproduction and minimizes distortions, even in scenarios with a wide zoom range.

The Perseo Profile’s optics produce a flawlessly even flat beam without any hot spots, and its color mixing capabilities remain impeccable, regardless of the chosen color combinations. With a 148 mm frontal lens and a proprietary system housing 13 lenses, it boasts an impressive 8:1 zoom ratio, covering a versatile zoom range from 7° to 58°.

Complementing its technical prowess is the Perseo Profile’s minimalist design, constructed from lightweight die-cast aluminum. This design incorporates full weather-proofing features to ensure accessibility and convenience. To enhance its efficiency, this next-generation luminaire comes equipped with a highly effective phase-change liquid cooling system and six submersible fans, strategically positioned outside the watertight enclosure.

The synergy of Art Of Confusion and the Ayrton Perseo Profile brings innovation, performance, and reliability to the forefront of lighting design, ushering in a new era of possibilities for outdoor lighting experiences.

Matrix drone shows

We’ll take you to the next level of show experience with our new lighting drones.

Imagine a whole new way of displaying an emotion, a message, …

Create a moving light-matrix in the sky… yes! the sky is not the limit here…visit or give us a call 0032 3 411 28 75

20.000 M-watt lasers

7theaven now offers premium High Quality 20,000 M-watt RGB lasers in their stock.

Flame torches

Presenting our cutting-edge flame torches with a versatile 3-in-1 functionality. These torches can replicate a multitude of shapes, including burning poles, flaming bars, and fiery hearts, among others. Additionally, they can generate a spectacular flame burst as the second effect, followed by a stunning and massive sparkling effect as the third feature.

Ayrton Cobra now in our rental fleet

COBRA is the first factory standard AYRTON phosphor laser source luminaire based.

Several years of development have gone into designing and finalising this exceptional luminaire, which offers a next generation speckle-free laser source, designed for rendering a D65 white point that allows perfect colour reproduction. COBRA pushes all the limits when it comes to beam definition, with native contrast never before achieved by a digital light source, an incredible beam angle of 0.6°, and an extreme range of focus which permits the beam shape to be adjusted according to the operating distance XT-Focus™. Fitted with a 170 mm frontal lens, the proprietary optical system uses 13 lenses, producing an unprecedented 38x zoom ratio and a zoom range of 0.6° to 23°. COBRA adopts a particularly minimalist style, extremely well-balanced due to the luminaire’s simplified waterproofing EasyProtect-65™, and the continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement, multiplying the possibilities for creating complex effects I.R.S.™ and making this luminaire a universal tool capable of meeting any challenge in all conditions.

Lucenti Pearl

Lucenti Pearl

World premiere for Art Of Confusion: Lucenti Pearl

Distributor FACE didn’t have to search long for the ideal rental partner for their latest LED fixture: the Lucenti Pearl.

This intelligent LED bulb with built-in RGB filaments and retro edison look can be controlled individually via an App or DMX and requires only one cable via the ‘data over power’ protocol. This makes it very easy to use in an existing light set-up, decor, matrix or even garland.

Art Of Confusion invested in no less than 300 units and was able to decorate the gigantic Christmas tree on the Grand Place of Brussels with 300 meters of garland containing 300 bulbs. These were controlled via DMX and ran in full synchronization with the light show projected on the historic buildings, an amazing world premiere.

Specs & advantages:

  • Almost unbreakable
  • Weather resistant
  • LED filament bulb
  • retro edison look
  • Stunning output
  • Perfect dimming
  • 8 full RGB LEDS
  • Unique effect
  • DMX addressable ID
  • 120 bulbs on 1 string
  • Up to 240 meter long
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerline communication
  • Designed and assembled in Belgium

Feel free to contact us for more information or for a free quote.

Let it snow! Let it snow!

This winter 7theaven offers a snow guarantee …

More and more events want to immerse their visitors in a cozy winter atmosphere during the winter months. Without snow, however, this magic is lost and therefore 7theaven has various creative solutions to enjoy a white Christmas.

With our Deco and Movie Snow, we can spray a realistic and lasting layer of snow over Christmas trees and even full decors to create an instant Christmas feeling. This snow lasts for weeks but, because it’s easy to remove, can be used for one-time events also.

If you want to enhance the Christmas spirit, 7theaven can produce falling snow by using the Snowboy Stage Whisper. This effect is designed for theater and filmsets and creates a hyperrealistic snowfall without leaving any residues. As a result, the clothes of the visitors and the floor will not be wet. In the past Studio 100, Telenet, Sunweb and even Pukkelpop have been using our machines to make it snow on their events.

But also for real snow you are at the right place. Even when it’s not freezing, we can produce large amounts of snow with our Snowmakers, even skiing and snowboarding demonstrations are possible, both in and outdoors.

Just contact us for more information or for a personal quote.