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REFLEXs is the compact version of the popular REFLEX luminaire, , featuring a special single-lens optics with fully pre-mixed colors and a wide angle fast-zoom in amazingly compact dimensions.The peculiar single-lens optical system with plano-convex endings enhances the 7x10W Osram Ostar FullColor LED source through a reflecting technique implying colors to be pre-mixed in optical channels. A technical solution allowing a chromatic naturalism that is simply out of reach for LED-powered projectors of previous generations.REFLEXs also features a 10°-60° unrivalled zoom to have fantastic beam effects with great definition or to angle wide for high-diffusion wash looks. Excellent efficiency and perfect chromatic uniformity are maintained throughout the zoom range.REFLEXs is extremely efficient, offering an unprecedent output and features for a such small and lightweight (5,7Kg) lighting device, becoming a unique device in its range.Extreme speed and precision of movements is guaranteed by the ultra-lightweight chassis and by usage of 3-step motors, allowing REFLEXs to be as fast as the moving mirror of scanners in its movements.Projection of all color shades is remarkably natural and uniform, with brilliant saturated colors across beautiful pastels to different shades of color temperature for white.High efficiency of cooling system and optics allow REFLEXs to be extremely silent even for those noise-sensitive environments like theatres and TV studios.Power consumption is limited to 240W only, daisy-chain of several fixtures on the same power line makes installation easier and faster.