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The X2-Wave-Flame is a compact device that combines a fluid-driven flame system with moving-head technology. Featuring a motorized and swiveling head, it enables fast and precise flame bursts of up to 10 meters in height at a 210° angle. The “Flame Pictures” created open up new possibilities for both indoor and outdoor shows. With bidirectional radio control, a removable 10L fuel canister, and an integrated display, it offers easy handling. Optionally, it can be controlled via DMX, providing high-precision control for versatile angles.

– Swivel Angle: 210°
– Discharge rate: about 50 ml / Second
– Flammable: Isopropanol, Bio-ethanol
– Flame height: 10 Meters
– Dmx operated
– Powercon true
– Liquid tank 10l